Thursday, 14 July 2016

Social Trends Marketers Won’t Be Able To Ignore in 2016

Social media marketing or digital marketing is getting popular day by day and year 2016 is for social media marketing , we have completed the half year and this year many companies has brought their business to social media. From small business to big multinationals all are looking to grow their business through social media marketing. But social media marketing is also evolving and it will change as the year proceeds

  1. Power of snap chat: Marketers are considering snap chat as just another social network but soon they will realise how powerful it can be for marketing its content, many marketers have already started using it but still the number is very less, in a short span of time you can attract potential customer and show them you’re content.
  2. Ads Blocking: It was big news previous year and still as the number of ad blocking tools are rising very fast. Paid advertising was one of the biggest tools of marketing for past many years but as now platforms adopting ad blocking tools, marketers have to depend on social networks to grow their business.
  3. Video Marketing: Till 2015 if someone say video marketing you will think of YouTube only but now the scenario has changed, Facebook has aggressively used its video feature and has even added live video feature , twitter and Instagram has also optimized their video setting but all the platforms has different formats and layouts, so from now marketers should create separate videos for each platforms for e.g. targeting long videos on YouTube and Facebook and quick look on twitter and Instagram, Snap chat’s short video is also an amazing platform.
  4. Messaging platforms: With the introduction of Whats App messenger, messaging platforms  have seen a steep rise in user acquisition almost every second person is using a messaging platforms, it will be interesting to see how marketers adopt to these platforms , In 2016 many people have already used Whats App and hike for India as a great tool for marketing themselves.  


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