Thursday, 14 July 2016

Rethink Digital Marketing: 5 Outdated Trends You Should Avoid

Digital marketing is one of the post popular form of marketing today, from small business to big multinationals all are investing their resources in digital marketing but some people are still using the outdated trends . Here are 5 outdated trends that you should avoid.

  1. Universal Content or Mob content: Universal content means same content for anybody , while you are on their website or scrolling through social media feeds , you get the same content, companies should first do research work and know their target audience and write or create content according to them , if their different categories, then separate content for each category.
  2. Email: Email is one of the best ways of marketing, this statement is true but you should know how to send the mail, sending same mail to all the people will take you nowhere, know your audience, and categorize them into different groups according to demographics. And then send mail with text and multimedia content too, if needed.
  3. Outdated Platforms: If in the world of Facebook , twitter , Instagram and snap chat if you are using Myspace , Orkut, Friendster etc. then you should stop using them right now , using social media platforms is one of the best way of marketing but using outdated platforms will be a waste of resources.
  4. Banner Ads: Paid advertising is also a very good way of marketing and with the concept of PPC it is also not very costly. There are many types of ads which you can create through different advertising platforms like AdWords. One type or one of the oldest types of ad is banner ad, though banner ad is easily visible but people now ignore banner ad, according to some reports only 0.06 % click through rate has been received by banner ads. 
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