Friday, 24 June 2016

Growing Trend of Food Ordering Apps in Food Industry

Applications or apps is a term that has become really popular in recent times, applications have made life easier for people by giving access to millions of information through an app. 

Growing Trend of Food Ordering Apps in Food Industry
Food industry has also noticed it and they have also released multiple apps related to food. Just like every other industry food industry has also many types of apps 
  • Restaurants Apps: Many food outlets today have their own like where they show complete information about their restaurant, their menu, people can also order food through them or make a booking for eating at the outlet. People can also write reviews about their food, ambiance etc.
  • Food Delivery App: These are not restaurant’s own app but the app is connected to different restaurants, where they show about different restaurants and also let you order through the app. You can also write and check reviews about different restaurants. These apps don’t charge anything for helping you to book or deliver food.
  • Restaurants booking and directory: There are many apps which show you information about different restaurants and let you book a table through the app. They also show you review like other apps.
  • Food recipe: People love to outside food but some people like to cook delicious food by themselves, but took food they need recipes, there are a number of apps which provide food recipes through text only , text and image ,text image and video.
  • Food Review: Food reviewing blogs are very popular these days and so these blogger have started making their apps to reach larger audience and is more convenient for the people.

Food apps are mainly concerned with providing food information to the consumers, the no. of food apps have grown from the past but there is no idea about what new type of food app can be developed, In coming years we will definitely see more food app but how more innovative they can be is a big question.

Stills apps have made all the Foodies as well as restaurants happy as apps have given consumers a wider choice and owner’s a wider reach. So till we have some breakthrough innovation in food apps use present apps which are already awesome, Download and order delicious food.

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The Future Mobile Apps in Health Care Industry

Apps is the present and future of all most every industry, Health industry has also seen a great increase in number of apps in past few years. As the technology is getting more and more advanced, use of apps for health industry is also increasing.

For Health Industry there can be a no of types of apps or apps can be combined all in one according to need
  • Medicine Information: There are a number of apps which provide information on every medicine in one app, its contents, price, and manufacturers. This app is used by doctors, chemist, and patients too. It is a very useful app.
  • Medicine Delivery: Along with medical information apps are there which provide medicine delivery option too. And moreover they are providing additional discount too. So you can get your medicines sitting at home taking care of your loved ones.
  • Doctors /Hospitals information and booking: There a great number of apps which provide information on doctors and hospitals, moreover you can make an appointment with the doctor through the app.
  • Health/Hospital Assistance: A number of apps like myCOL provide hospital assistance, they will provide with you a hospital assistance, who will do every work for you like making appointment, discharge formalities etc. 
  • Keeping your medical Records: this can be easily combined with any of the above app, it helps you to maintain your medical records in one app, so that you can access it anytime, anywhere, they also provide you medication reminder and appointment reminder. 
  • Health Check-up: There are very few good apps in this category, as the technology is getting advanced this category will get better. In this different sensors in your device to do your check-up, like most of the Samsung’s high end phones comes with a hear rate monitor , like this many sensors can be used to track your health.
  • Fitness tracker: This section has the most number of apps, there are many fitness tracker apps, which uses your phones sensor to track your movement or connect with different fitness band. 
  • Treatment Advice: There are many apps which gives you different exercises or tips to keep you healthy, there are certain apps which provides tips for particular apps, these apps can be text only, text and image or text, image and video.

These are some types of health apps that we currently have, and they are improving continuously. There can be some apps which we don’t have right now, but we can see them in future, as more and more sensors are being installed in smartphones today, there are more chances for developer to develop great apps for them. 

Many big hospitals and medical researchers are doing continuous research in this field to bring best possible health care service to your device, Big names like Apple and Samsung are also trying hard. Apple in many presentations have shown their interest in health apps and released health kit for developers, so everyone is trying hard to get better and better apps for healthcare.

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