Thursday, 14 July 2016

Major Elements of an Effective Content Marketing Strategy

Content is the king , you have seen this statement many a times, this absolutely true, content is the thing for which a customer visits your website or app , even if you are great at designing or developing or marketing but don’t have good quality content you cannot go far.  

Content creation is not easy as only having content is not important having unique content is more important. So you should have a good content strategy.
  • Audience: First of all know your target audience, they are the reason you are creating the content, they will see it so customize your content according to them, they will lose interest if you don’t put content of their liking.
  • Set Goals: After setting audience set goals, how much reach do you want what type of content you will produce, percentage of each category, completing a complete plan according to your audience.
  • Research: Research about topics you want to create content about, only after doing the right research you can create quality content.
  • Drafts: Start creating content and layout all your ideas, draft as many ideas as possible and create best content possible.
  • Pick the best one: After drafting all your ideas pick the one best for you and your target audience.
  • Publish and promote: Publish the content wherever you want to post it your app, website, social media and promote it in the most effective manner.
If you follow these steps as your strategy you can get most viewers, you can hire digital marketing agency like DigiDarts which will make a complete content marketing strategy for you and even write content for you. 

Why Social Media Said YES To Animated Gifs

First of all you should know what GIFs means, GIF stands for graphic interchange format. It is not a new format it is there from 1987, one of the most used format of that time. Today these gif’s are ruling Social media platforms, according to reports over 20 million gifs are shared each day on Tumblr, while facebook messenger has over 5 million each day.

Some people call it animated graphic or short video as they show some movements in the image, kind of fast slideshow. The biggest advantage of gif is that is good for all the platforms and for all types of business. You can use different things to show off through gif like...
  1. A product: You can show your product in motion through gif, for e.g., you can show a dress from different angles or a Smartphone.
  2. Quickly explain a process: You can explain a short process through gif images, you can use motion to show the process like wearing a tie or tying your hair.
  3. Greetings: You can wish someone on special occasions through gifs or thank someone through gif.
  4. Tell a story: You can tell a short story through gif; do you remember the popular thirsty crow story? You can find it in gif format on many social platforms.
  5. Sneap peak: Teasing your views or customers before some big launch is one of the most popular marketing strategy, you can do that by creating gif for e.g. show off sneak peak of an upcoming Smartphone or sneak peak of a popular tv shows upcoming season.
Social media is one of the most favourite marketing platforms and with gif; social media platforms have become even more effective. You can hire a social media marketing company like DigiDarts to do better marketing.  

Social Trends Marketers Won’t Be Able To Ignore in 2016

Social media marketing or digital marketing is getting popular day by day and year 2016 is for social media marketing , we have completed the half year and this year many companies has brought their business to social media. From small business to big multinationals all are looking to grow their business through social media marketing. But social media marketing is also evolving and it will change as the year proceeds

  1. Power of snap chat: Marketers are considering snap chat as just another social network but soon they will realise how powerful it can be for marketing its content, many marketers have already started using it but still the number is very less, in a short span of time you can attract potential customer and show them you’re content.
  2. Ads Blocking: It was big news previous year and still as the number of ad blocking tools are rising very fast. Paid advertising was one of the biggest tools of marketing for past many years but as now platforms adopting ad blocking tools, marketers have to depend on social networks to grow their business.
  3. Video Marketing: Till 2015 if someone say video marketing you will think of YouTube only but now the scenario has changed, Facebook has aggressively used its video feature and has even added live video feature , twitter and Instagram has also optimized their video setting but all the platforms has different formats and layouts, so from now marketers should create separate videos for each platforms for e.g. targeting long videos on YouTube and Facebook and quick look on twitter and Instagram, Snap chat’s short video is also an amazing platform.
  4. Messaging platforms: With the introduction of Whats App messenger, messaging platforms  have seen a steep rise in user acquisition almost every second person is using a messaging platforms, it will be interesting to see how marketers adopt to these platforms , In 2016 many people have already used Whats App and hike for India as a great tool for marketing themselves.  

Rethink Digital Marketing: 5 Outdated Trends You Should Avoid

Digital marketing is one of the post popular form of marketing today, from small business to big multinationals all are investing their resources in digital marketing but some people are still using the outdated trends . Here are 5 outdated trends that you should avoid.

  1. Universal Content or Mob content: Universal content means same content for anybody , while you are on their website or scrolling through social media feeds , you get the same content, companies should first do research work and know their target audience and write or create content according to them , if their different categories, then separate content for each category.
  2. Email: Email is one of the best ways of marketing, this statement is true but you should know how to send the mail, sending same mail to all the people will take you nowhere, know your audience, and categorize them into different groups according to demographics. And then send mail with text and multimedia content too, if needed.
  3. Outdated Platforms: If in the world of Facebook , twitter , Instagram and snap chat if you are using Myspace , Orkut, Friendster etc. then you should stop using them right now , using social media platforms is one of the best way of marketing but using outdated platforms will be a waste of resources.
  4. Banner Ads: Paid advertising is also a very good way of marketing and with the concept of PPC it is also not very costly. There are many types of ads which you can create through different advertising platforms like AdWords. One type or one of the oldest types of ad is banner ad, though banner ad is easily visible but people now ignore banner ad, according to some reports only 0.06 % click through rate has been received by banner ads. 
Instead of trying on your own you can hire a digital marketing agency like DigiDarts, which provides services like SEO, ASO , Social media marketing, Web development etc.