Monday, 23 March 2015

Digital Marketing Services - A Twitter Generation

The Twitter generation is bending the rules of marketing and technology has taken the leads when it comes to target audience with minimum deviations possible. Though personal selling is not a part of marketing practices now a day’s still things are more personalized than ever. Digital marketing being the keyword here wins the bid for taking into account everything technology has to offer to build customers and giving a filtered client. The idea is not just to establish an electronic connection, but to provide info with the medium that surrounds the 21 century consumer. Along with this, the brands are becoming human adopting a “NO PUSH ZONE”  thereby understanding and respecting the privacy of their consumers. Digital content along with connected marketing channels builds a good team for generating leads. Broadly, the digital marketing programs are 

Email has been there for ages, but is still a good tool, thanks to the makeovers it has received over the years. Social media undoubtedly has reformed the way selling is done. The bulks spent on advertising are now saved and thanks to Instagram and Pinterest. Facebook and  twitter account for being one of the favourite Social media platforms. PPC on the other hand helps tracking Return on Income efficiently and with Google adwords along with Landing Page optimization
 helps generating traffic and getting a higher conversion rate at a low price. SEO generated organic searches helps maintaining traffic for a longer term. Lastly, Content Marketing is running a strong campaign for becoming the king of Digital marketing. PPC earned nine times more search interest than Content Marketing back in 2008 but by the end of 2014,  roles were reversed, making Content the next heir. The Customer Centric Digital Platform ensures quality content to audience and low cost marketing platform to marketer


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