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Yeah, peeps I am talking about saving the internet today, or should I say save us?
Literally, I m shocked how there are people in India who are not aware about the  most critical issue India that is burning up in our nation now. Yes this issue is now has already upraised in after having an abundant amount of debate in US!!
People, after 24th April 2015, TRAI will be taking some action may be against net neutrality in India.

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Have you ever thought what’s going to happen if the decision would be against net neutrality!!
*sigh* I am not able to give it a thought even. Idea of paying to access every app or site separately would be so  devastating !!

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Just like the life of people back in 80’s and 90’s with no internet , no exposure,no more our nation’s “kiddo techies” or just kiddo or should I call them techies? Ohh god these super brilliant kids, these days can do anything or everything. ( e.g. the kid who just made the android application in the age of 10 or the 5 year old kid who is named “google” because he know each damn thing about the world, like seriously..?).It seems like they were born with internet in minds.  Well when talking about these kids junkies , let me explain you this net neutrality issue in context of these kids .. Imagine going to a children park and pay 100 rupees to get in and then you head over to a slide because hey! kids love those slides! but then the guard stops you and asks you for the extra money for using that slide, so you decides to go for swings then but what, here also comes the guard and asks you for extra charges and fine even if you pay for it ,you can not access them at faster speed and if you want to then you have to pay extra for that too.WAIT,what the hell was the original 100 rupee entry for if you cant use it for anything or was that only for standing on the grass? THIS is What can happen after 24th april 2015

Well, this is something that affects everyone, including you. If you’re not okay with having to pay additional money every month to use apps like WhatsApp, Google HangoutsInstagram, Facebook, Skype and Twitter all the others you spend a lot of your time on, this is an issue that should bother you, and one you should be concerned about, The Must facts to be read about net neutrality and why should you care!
All content on the internet is equal, all accessible at the speed you’re paying for, and once you have an internet connection, you have the right to access almost every nook and cranny of the World Wide Web whether you are watching creepy daily soap telecasts, AIB’s roast, cartoon movies any damn thing you want to watch. But yeah not for long if some telecom operators are allowed to have their way! 

Telecom operators in the country want to change that. They have approached the TRAI (Telecom Regulatory Authority of India) to be allowed to provide differential internet access to users all over the country. They plan to carve the internet into different sections, and charge you a fee to access its different parts. Which means, that over and above the amount you pay for your internet connection, you will have to pay money to access different websites and apps.
What happens if you don’t pay up? At best, your internet connection will be slowed down to the point of you being frustrated and giving up on using the app/website; and at worst, you will be denied access to the content altogether. Like we take an example of any shopping site i.e, if this company merges up with any telecom service,then the users of that connection will suffer such a slower browsing rate which is worst than no internet,  for surfing any online shopping site other than ..that they’ll get so frustrated that either they would end up with the because that’s way too faster than those or cloase the internet.
What’s more, the end of net neutrality also means stifling of the competition. Smaller players, especially start-ups who cannot afford preferential internet access, could fall by the wayside if net neutrality cannot be maintained. Bigger players such as skype, twitter with deeper pockets, could pay the telecom companies themselves, and allow users to access their apps and websites for free, but this may not be possible for smaller companies.
Guys if these telecom companies are only worried about their money ,their future  who are already “millionaires of India” or may be of world, which I really don’t care about .Then, being the “Mango People” of this country which constitutes the  population of almost 200 million ,have the full rights or not rights I should say BIRTH RIGHT of middle class people i.e to save money for better future….for that we can do everything then why not saving our money and our future by supporting net neutrality.
I am not saying that after this we will not be able to use internet! No ,internet would be still alive but of no use as that would be way too expensive for the people like me to afford such!Like I would never pay extra bucks for using WhatsApp or Facebook,and why should I,just because we are not interested in using other sites for social networking and telecom companies want to earn more and getting their swiss accounts topped up?

|| The word ‘free’ should not be confused with the word ‘freedom’. ||

I believe the World Wide Web is a great leveller, where everyone can, and should be able to access everything they need, after they’ve paid the base internet subscription fee.
This is something that screws with the nature of the internet it restricts your movement. BUT if you screw with the internet it will screw you back what these companies seem to have forgotten is there is no internet without people who use it YOU.
Internet is a Utility, Not a luxury!!
So for our better and free future we won’t allow them to do this (will we) but we need the internet to save the internet and we need you to help us. This is our time! This is our internet. Send the message far and wide that no one has the right to change the internet because the internet can and will fight back
Your support is just two clicks away. Please visit this link, and send an e-mail to TRAI, demanding a free, open internet:
It is also important to educate as many people as you can about this issue, and get them to join the movement. So, share this post on your wall, in your tweets, and play a part in preserving your ability to do so!
Do remember that time is of the essence. Please send the e-mail to TRAI before the 24th of April; because after that the reforms against net neutrality will be set in motion.
Come Ahead guys ,We can do it!!


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