Thursday, 18 December 2014

10 SEO Techniques for 2015

Since the beginning of the decade internet has helped a lot of entrepreneurs to flourish in their business. But it is has been generally observed among start-up entrepreneurs that SEO or Search Engine Optimisation is the last thing on their mind. So for all the start-ups coming up in the 2015 and the already established here are the top 10 SEO Techniques they must employ to scale new heights.

Technique 1:  Optimising the Title tag- The greatest deal with search engine optimisation is hitting the bull’s eye. This can be done choosing the most appropriate title for every page on your business website.  One must follow the following tips:
Title should not contain more than 10 words (max. 75 characters)
It should convey your product or service, so include the product or service related keywords.
Keep it short and informative.

Technique 2: Identifying the Keywords- It is very essential to identify the target keywords and then using it properly in the content of the page. You can ease your job by using some keyword determining programs. Get the right keywords.

Technique 3: Create the Crisp Content- It is important to keep in mind the recent trends and demand of your potential customers.  The trick is to engage your target audience in a mesmerising way. Don’t overuse the keywords in order to get more PPC as it may do more harm than good by irritating your readers/viewers.

Technique 4:  Be Bonded to Social Networking- Yes, it is very essential to link your website with various social networking websites as they will attract the right customers to your website.  The key lies in spreading the word! So get linked in with Facebook and keep a twitter around your MySpace.Don’t forget to add ALT tags to images-  While the idea of ALT tags is to aid the visually impaired but now these ALT tags serve a higher purpose. So keep your images tagged. It is advised to use not only the keywords but instead use the complete phrases as they occur in your page content.
 Technique 5: Get linked with Power Users on Social Media- Sometimes, all your business needs is a powerful push. This can be done by linking your Facebook page with someone of great influence in the social media. If some day they share what you have posted you will see the increase in the number of visitors.

Technique 6: Google Analytics is a must!  For all start-ups it is must- This helps them to identify what is good for their website and what isn’t working. It’s free and easy to use, and it provides an incredible wealth of information that can be used to improve your website’s conversion rates.

Technique 7: Set up targets-  It is vital to have certain short term goals in business especially concerning SEO. Using Google Analytics set-up certain audience related targets. These may be weekly targets or monthly targets. This will help your business to grow.

Technique 8:  Allow Guest Posts- These guest posts prove a very effective way of increasing the traffic on your website. It also increases your rankings in natural search results.  

 Technique 9: Launch Press Releases- Anything that your customers should know or any news that can increase your rating must be published. Frequently releasing such posts will keep you among the elite top. 

Technique 10: Keep It Updated- Last but not the least, regularly update your website. Keep the website fresh and new so that your customers don’t get bored. Every time they visit your website they must find it new. 
All the Best.


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